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Enjoy your TV-watching experience on your own terms.

Missing your favourite TV shows will become a distant memory when you tap into the incredible TV features we put at your fingertips. From CatchUp TV to Cloud DVR to Restart TV, you’ll have the freedom to watch what you want, when you want it. We have all the channels you love and have packaged them in a way that gives you more choice than ever before. We provide Technical Support and Customer Service that’s based right here in Olds. We also offer free installations, free equipment rentals and no hidden fees.

Why Switch

Add features you’ll love


Restart TV

Running a bit behind and your show’s already started? No problem. Go back to the beginning of a TV show that’s currently airing with a push of a button.

When your little one decides she needs one more bedtime story just as you’re about to sit down to watch Survivor, you don’t have to sweat it. As soon as she’s off to dreamland, you can get comfy and go right back to catch the start of the show.


Cloud DVR

Enjoy the flexibility of recording TV shows straight to the Cloud to watch on any Set-Top Box in your home at any time. The best part is, when you record a currently airing program with Cloud DVR, the recording begins when the show starts, not from the time you press the record button.

If Dad wants to watch the big game on the big screen, Mom can watch the shows she recorded over the weekend on any other TV with a Set-Top Box in the house.


CatchUp TV

Watch any show on demand that has aired in the last 24 hours on a CatchUp TV enabled channel as if you had recorded it. With more than 1,000 hours of programs to choose from, this feature is great for when you’re unexpectedly called away from the couch or when you can’t find something good to watch at the current time.

After you’ve heard for the sixteenth time how great the finale of Mad Men that you missed the night before was, you can head home to see what all the fuss was about for yourself.

Keep the features you need

Series Recording

Record every episode of your favourite series, or just the ones you want to binge watch, to view at your leisure with no maximum episode limit. Yeah, we know. This is pretty sweet.

Stormy weather keeping you inside on a Saturday? Use Series Recording to finally catch up on that show your friends keep raving about.

Time-Based Recording

When you know you won’t be home, record your favourite shows that aren’t part of a series, such as a news broadcast, a movie for date night or the big game.

It’s Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and you have to work! But don’t worry, you can record the entire game to enjoy when you get home. (Just tell your friends not to spoil the ending!)


Rest assured you won’t miss any of your must-see-TV lineup by programming your Set-Top Box to automatically tune to a specific channel at a specific time.

You had to take the kids to soccer practice, pick up groceries and clean out the eavestroughs. So it totally slipped your mind that you were all geared up to watch the new episode of Airplane Repo at 4 p.m. No worries. Autotune will bring your show up even if you’re flipping through channels looking for something to watch.


We all have a lot on our minds at any given time but you shouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to watch your favourite show. Let your TV remember when your show is about to start so you don’t have to. You can schedule display messages that pop up to let you know your show is about to begin.

If you’re too wrapped up with who received a rose on The Bachelor to remember that documentary about the cute lemurs in Madagascar is about to start, your Reminder has got you covered.

Set-Top Boxes

Small, subtle and easy to use. Our Set-Top Boxes fit into your lifestyle and give you the peace of mind of knowing your recorded shows are safe and secure in the Cloud.

Trick Play

Pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, and skip features give you the power to watch TV how you want to watch TV.

Standard Base

Standard Base includes over 110 channels, 48 HD, 23 Time-Shift


Additional Theme Packs

Eastern Connection

Breakfast Club

The Melting Pot

That’s a Fact

This Just In

The Catwalk

Around the World

Child’s Play

The Garage

The Cutting Room

The Super Natural

Lower Bowl

Reel Deal

Big Screen

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