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Let's get together

You’re busy. We understand. Don’t let that act as an obstacle to you getting our services. Schedule a no obligation in-home visit to learn more about what we offer.

How our fresh approach can make a difference

Here at O-NET, we do things a little differently than everyone else. Our focus is on generating maximum profits from our subscribers – we are here to provide the best Internet, phone and television products you’ve ever had. We aim for a perfect balance between sustainability and profitability. This balance benefits O-NET, you, and the community.

Unlike other the providers, we offer services to your over a fibre optic network – which is community-owned. The money you spend monthly to get O-NET is building a better future for Olds.

That last line may sound a little too good to be true, or like a marketing spin, but I assure you it’s not. By subscribing to our services you start helping repay the debt from building the network. As you, your neighbour, and that house down the street that never shovels their walk switch to O-NET, the possibilities for Olds amplify.

Subscribe to our services, help the community and enjoy the very best in Internet, phone and television services.


We don't want to spend another winter without you

When you subscribe to O-NET services, we install a fibre-optic cable underground into your home. Once winter arrives, and it seems to be coming in quickly, we stop installing until the snow melts. Sign up right away, and we’ll get your home connected as expeditiously as possible.

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