O-NET's Next-Generation TV Service

The new feature-rich TV gives you full control of your viewing experience.

Flexible Viewing Options

O-NET’s feature-rich TV service allows you to watch live TV on a wide variety of compatible devices through the O-NET TV App, just like a streaming service. You can enjoy Live TV on your own devices, by upgrading your traditional set-top-boxes, or a combination of both.


TV User Manuals

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Ways to Watch

O-NET TV App available on:

  • Android TV Devices

  • Apple TV Devices

  • Amazon FireTV

  • Chromecast with Google TV

  • Android Tablets & Phones

  • Apple iPad & iPhones

  • O-NET Set-top box

Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I use my own devices and get a new Set-Top Box?

Yes, the multi-platform feature allows users to stream live TV on their mobile or streaming devices. Customers who don’t need a set-top box and want to enjoy their TV services on their own devices can opt out of a set-top box. Subscribers can download and log in to the O-NET TV App on their streaming device.

What is the benefit of using my own streaming device versus a new Set-Top Box?

The old live TV programming interface is changing, and O-NET has invested in the future. The new platform is similar to your favorite streaming services, but you’ll be able to watch your favorite live TV programming and recordings on almost any streaming device. The new set-top boxes have remotes with advanced features such as Google Assistant and give subscribers the functionality of a traditional TV remote control.


I want to use the O-NET TV App and have registered at wtve.ca but I have not received an email, or I am unsure of the next steps.

Please make sure you check your spam/junk folders on your email for the confirmation email. It can take up to 24 hours for next steps. If you have confirmed through email, please try logging into the O-NET TV app with the username and password you set up when registering through wtve.ca and contact us if you have any issues


Catch-up TV & Restart TV: 

Why can’t I use the restart or catch-up feature on all channels?

Each television network has specific regulations in place that determine which features we are permitted to provide. We have a legal obligation to follow these. Please make use of your PVR to make sure you don’t miss your show and in order to be able to fast-forward and restart as desired. 


Why is there an expiration date on my recording? 

The new system required a date of expiration, and the DVR is not meant to be used as an archive. We give you 6 months to watch a recording. 

Can I extend recording time in case of delays, overtime, etc.? 

You can now extend the amount of time recorded around a show to make sure you do not miss that overtime period or other similar circumstances.

TV out of home:  

Why can’t I watch all of my O-NET TV channels outside of my home? 

The television networks determine which channels we can provide to you outside of your home. We are required to abide by the rules of the television network.