O-NET's Next-Generation TV Platform

Watch TV your way. Whether through an O-NET set-top box, your own streaming device, or both, the new feature-rich TV platform gives you control of your viewing experience.


O-NET is launching its next-generation television platform this Summer and completely replacing the current system. In the weeks ahead, O-NET’s Customer Experience team will contact you with more information about onboarding the new platform.

The new feature-rich platform allows you to watch live TV on a wide variety of compatible devices through the O-NET TV App, just like a streaming service. Users can enjoy Live TV on their own devices, by upgrading their set-top boxes, or both.


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Ways to Watch

O-NET TV App available on:

  • Android TV Devices

  • Apple TV Devices

  • Amazon FireTV

  • Chromecast with Google TV

  • Android Tablets & Phones

  • Apple iPad & iPhones

  • O-NET Set-top box


Existing set-top boxes will be replaced with upgraded O-NET TV set-top boxes

Customers can also opt-out of using a set-top box and choose to watch Live TV using the O-NET TV App

When the next generation TV platform is launched, set-top boxes will also be available to pick up for self-installations.

User Guides and Manuals


Can I use my own devices and get a new Set-Top Box?

Yes, the multi-platform feature allows users to stream live TV on their mobile or streaming devices, and will be available to subscribers on Launch Day. Customers that don’t need a set-top box and want to enjoy their TV services on their own device can opt-out of a set-top box. Subscribers can download and log in to the O-NET TV App on their streaming device and use the new service until their set-top box is installed.

How soon can I get onto the new TV platform?

The O-NET team have been hard at work behind the scenes building the platform to go live in the summer of 2023. After the new platform goes live, subscribers can be onboarded by downloading O-NET TV onto their favorite streaming device and contacting our support team to be transitioned to the new platform. Subscribers can also perform a self-installation with instructions available on this Resources page.

Will my old Set-Top-Box work after I am onboarded to the new platform?

No, once you’re on the new platform you will be not be able to watch live TV using the old platform and old set-top box. Our goal is to upgrade customers as quickly as possible and subscribers that have been onboarded to the new platform will lose functionality with their old set-top box with 7 days.

What is the benefit of using my own streaming device versus a new Set-Top Box?

The old live TV programming interface is changing, and O-NET has invested in the future. The new platform is similar to your favorite streaming services, but you’ll be able to watch your favorite live TV programming and recordings on almost any streaming device. The new set-top boxes have remotes with advanced features such as Google Assistant, and gives subscribers the functionality of a traditional TV remote control.

What is the onboarding process like?

O-NET will be in contact with subscribers with information and instructions on how to switch to the new platform, as well as installation bookings for customers that wish to use a new set-top box to access the O-NET TV platform. After launching, customers can also pick up new set-top boxes and do their own installation. The old set-top boxes can be recycled or be dropped off at the O-NET office to be recycled.