Spend less time arguing and more time watching.

Nothing is worse than having arguments about who gets to DVR their favourite prime time show; or having to move to a different TV in your house to watch your recordings. Our whole home DVR solves this problem. We store all your recordings in the cloud, giving you the freedom to schedule and watch them from any TV in your home.

Our cloud based whole home DVR gives you access to exclusive features that are only available on O-NET. Also, you don’t have to purchase expensive PVR boxes for every room in your home. Choose from various DVR sizes to suit your recording needs.

Pricing Options

  • 200 hours of cloud DVR


  • 100 hours of cloud DVR


  • 50 hours of cloud DVR



Summer is full of outdoor activities and barbeques which, depending on our outlook, can be a great or a real distraction from your TV watching. Set your DVR to record every episode of your favourite series so you never miss a show.

Running a bit behind and your show’s already started? No problem! Go back to the beginning of a TV show that’s currently airing with a push of a button. This is our favourite feature.

When you know a program you want to watch is airing, but you won’t be able to watch it, set your DVR to record it. Works for all your favourite shows that aren’t part of a series, such as a news broadcast, a movie for date night or a big game.

Record a program de novo. That means from the beginning. If you press record after a show starts, we’ll add everything from the start of the program to make sure you have the full show in your DVR.

Want to record 25 shows at 7pm? No problem! Our DVR doesn’t limit the number of programs that you can record at one time.

Pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, and skip features give you the power to watch TV how you want to watch TV. You’ll never miss part of your show again when the phone rings or when you have to answer your door.

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