O-NET Switches to Digital Terrestrial Delivery for Television

Your O-NET Technical Team has been working on all kinds of improvements to enhance your television viewing experience.

One significant change is how we acquire the TV signals from various networks around the world. Our project that commenced this past August has been the television signals. These were previously delivered to Olds via satellites. Now, they are sent to us at the speed at the speed of light over fibre optic cables. For the geeks in the room, we call this Digital Terrestrial Delivery.

Historically, O-NET’s television signals came to us through satellites and were adversely effected by poor weather and heavy rain, both here in Olds and in Ontario, where the signals are sent up to the satellites.

In addition to the weather challenges, the restrictions with these satellites limited O-NET’s ability to add new channels to the lineup.

So, what does this improvement mean to O-NET TV exactly:

* More channels becoming available
* More channels will be in high definition (HD!)
* More standalone channels will be available to choose from at one time * Increased reliability from looming weather conditions

Why have we added DTTV channels? Because the Town of Olds is a leader in broadband technology
and our fibre network has the capacity. We are proactive at O-NET and always looking for ways to enhance your experience.

O-NET is wanting YOUR opinion with television programming.

If there are channels that you would like to see O-NET carry, please email: channels@o-net.ca or call 403.556.6638.

O-NET is constantly striving to make your television viewing more entertaining.