Gigacenter Wireless Password Change

The first step to changing your password or network name is to locate your router.
• Once you have located your router you will find a white sticker with the log on information. Write down the User/Password. You will need this later.

• Connect your computer to the internet using a wireless or wired connection.
• Open up a browser such as Chrome or Firefox.
• On your web browsers address bar enter and press enter.

• You will see the login page. Enter the username and password from the sticker and click log in.
• You will be redirected to a screen with a few options. Select the wireless option.

• Under 2.4Ghz select SSID Setup
• Enter the desired network name into the Rename SSID field and click apply.

• Click on Security and enter the desired password into the Use Custom Security Key field and click apply.

• Repeat the same process for the renaming the 5G network. It is recommended that the two networks be named differently. (ei. JohnDoe 2.4 and JohnDoe 5.0)
You can use the same password as they did for the 2.4GHz.
• Your passwords and network names have now been changed.

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