How to Create a Favourites Guide Filter

  1. Open the *Favourites* application on your ‘menu’.
  2. Select *Create* from the list that appears, then press ‘OK’.
  3. Select Name, then press ‘OK’ to launch the keypad.
  4. Enter a name for the new list.
  5. Select *Done* on the keypad, then press ‘OK’.
  6. Press the Right arrow on your remote and then the Up and Down arrows to select a channel you want to add to the list, then press ‘OK’. A Heart icon appears to the right of the channel.
  7. Continue pressing the Up and Down arrows on your remote and ‘OK’ to select any additional channels you want to add to the list.
  8. When done with your list, press the Right arrow to select Update, then press ‘OK’. The channels are added to the *Favourites* list and the current program

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