O-NET Elevate App Help

Welcome to O-NET Elevate! Get ready to take control of your Home WiFi Network like never before.

We have included many self-help videos to help you get the most out of these amazing apps. Please watch all or choose a specific video that you require help with.

As always, our Tech Support team is available for help.

  1. Setting up your Wi-Fi and App HERE
  2. Intro to the Main Dashboard and App HERE
  3. A Guide to People, Places and Things HERE
  4. Setting up a Guest Network HERE
  5. Learn about the Settings Menu HERE
  6. Learn about Connected Devices on your Network HERE
  7. Changing Your Network Name and Password HERE
  8. How to Enable and Disable Applications Using the App HERE
  9. How to set up Alexa HERE
  10. How to set up a Priorities Menu HERE
  11. How to Perform a Bandwidth Test HERE
  12. How to View Network Usage HERE


  1. Learn About ProtectIQ HERE

Parental Controls

  1. Setting Up Basic Parental Control Panels HERE
  2. How to set up Enhanced Parental Control Profiles HERE
  3. How to Add Filters to Enhanced Parental Control Profiles HERE
  4. How to View Usage with  Enhanced Parental Controls HERE
  5. Learn About Notifications for Enhanced Parental Controls HERE
  6. How to set Screen Time Limits with Parental Control HERE


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