How to Sign into Pocket Watch

O-NET Guide for Pocket Watch

**While we continue to work with content providers to add more channels, this app is still a work in progress so there may be some bugs we are still working through.**

Welcome to O-NETs Pocket Watch! You will now be able to live stream television right from your smartphone or tablet. Here are some instructions to help you navigate through this process.


  1. In order to login to your Pocket Watch account, you will require your Account number and Residential TV number from your bill.
  2. Proceed to: or download the app from the Google Play and App Store.
    Once at the initial page, click the Please Sign In tab.
  3. Then click the Sign In tab at the bottom of the drop-down menu
  4. Log in: Your ACCOUNT number
    Password: Your Residential TV number (with NO spaces)
  5. This is your first screen. You will notice Live Stream, Go Service, Guide and Search. This screen is based off your current O-NET television subscription.If you encounter a channel with a lock icon, it means you have not subscribed to that channel. If you would like to view it, please call the office at 403.556.6638 to add it to your channel packages.
  6. Once you have chosen a channel, you will see a live video feed. You will have the option to turn on full screen and caption settings.To go back to the previous screen, click the Live Streams button or Guide to bring you into the Guide.
  7. Guide: The channel guide will tell you which program is currently on, which will be coming on and displays a preview of that channel in the top right corner.To watch a specific channel, you must click on the Channel name – not the program.
  8. Search Feature: Type in a channel name and it will preview that channel. Click on the channel image and it will take you to what’s playing live currently.
  9. You may also search by category. Simply use the drop-down menu and search which category you would like.
  10. Go Services: this page lists apps that we have access to that will allow you to log in with your same Account Number and Residential T.V. Number to view additional content.
  11. If you require help with any of these functions, please feel free to call O-NET Tech Support:  587.796.8444, email: or open a ticket for assistance.


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